Zion's Hill

A global Apostolic/Prophetic Prayer Movement of Leaders  allowing for different expressions of prophetic declarations and watchmen intercession over the Ekklesia and the Nations.


Understanding Kingdom, spheres, Cities, Spiritual warfare and prophetic intercession Helping Ministries and Organizations build powerful and effective intercessory teams.


Releasing Prophetic Voices and Prophetic Direction.


Act under Catalyst anointing to move things on in Divine acceleration and direction.


Power of the Holy Spirit that releases us into effective prayer Activating Watchmen and intercessory spirit in people to pray Releasing SWAT intercessory teams into Churches, Ministries, Organizations, Businesses, Nations on Divine assignment to SHIFT things and to train Intercessors etc.


God’s purposes, counsel through strategic prayer and intercession Private Prayer Rooms for strategic leaders to receive prophetic intercession and ministry.