Leadership Development

The Foundation focuses on leadership development in three spheres of society; the Church, the corporate sector and millennials through the Young Emerging Leaders Forum. Leadership programmes delivered in Ghana are as follows;


Leadership Development & Learning Program is an innovative training and learning program designed to prepare and train solution-oriented Leaders of Excellence for the challenges of our world today and for the 'Harvest'. The curriculum is flexible and module oriented, accommodating busy schedules and lifestyles.

RF Mentoring Network

The RFMN is a network of Christian leaders from all spheres of life coming into Covenant Relationship for the purposes of corporate, individual, and peer mentoring - to facilitate the successful achievement of individual purpose/destiny and leadership development in the pursuit of establishing God's kingdom here on earth.

Young Emerging Leaders

The Young and Emerging Leaders Forum is a non-denominational Christian fraternity of Millennials between the ages of 17 – 35 being mentored and developed for Transformational Leadership.