The Rehoboth Foundation International

Rehoboth Foundation is registered as a company limited by guarantee in both the UK and Ghana. The Foundation is uncompromisingly kingdom-minded and focused on its dual mandate. 

About Us

Rehoboth Foundation is focused on its dual mandate to call the church into the strategic stewardship of the spiritual, socio-economic and political domains of the nations of this world and to reach vulnerable individual and communities with support and assistance to improve their circumstances and life chances as a demonstration of the love of Christ. The Foundation lays a special emphasis on developing transformational leadership in the Body of Christ and society at large as part of its strategic delivery approach. 

One person caring about another represents life's greatest value.

We seek to help the Church globally to identify and fulfill the Kingdom’s agenda of salvation and human flourishing, and our influence has touched over 40 nations across the globe.

Our Work in Ghana

Rehoboth Foundation has been working in Ghana since November 2012 and seeks to reach the most vulnerable in disadvantaged communities in Ghana. We are concerned with caring for those in need in ways that matter. Under our ‘Jesus Cares’  initiative, we sow seeds of compassion in the lives of underprivileged communities by implementing charitable interventions focused on four main areas.




Micro Enterprise Financing


Leadership Development


Emergency & Disaster Relief


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